Xiaomi to launch 5 ‘Smarter Living’ devices in India on 27th September

Aside from the smartphones, Xiaomi is also expanding its portfolio with 5 new Smarter Living products in India on 27th September 2018. Xiaomi India posted a tweet with a hashtag “SmarterLiving” teasing the launch saying ‘Not just one or two! Can you guess ’em all? SmarterLiving Coming soon.

The tweet has a GIF image which shows five icons each suggesting a new product category. We see an eye symbol that ideally means a device with an eye or simply a camera device. The heart symbol means a device that can monitor heart rate which might be the upcoming Mi Band 3.

We have already done the hands-on with Mi Band 3 and made an unboxing video of it in Hindi, check it out.

Other icons such as the popcorn can be something related to a multimedia or entertainment device like a Smart TV. Another icon represents the airflow indicating the Xiaomi’s Air Purifier to launch in India. The one with the location icon is perhaps a GPS device, but we are unsure what would it be exactly.

What do you think will be the 5 new products Xiaomi is going to launch? Share them in the comments below.