Xiaomi showcases third-generation under-display camera technology

Just days before ZTE is all set to launch its Axon 20 5G smartphone as the world’s first commercial device to feature an in-display camera sensor, Xiaomi has showcased its own technology for the under-display camera.

While showcasing the third-generation under-display camera technology, Xiaomi claimed that it is the best solution so far. This is an impressive timeline for the development as the first-gen technology was introduced in June last year.

The first-generation in-display camera technology made use of transparent cathode and anode materials for the foundation to allow the subsequent development. Just months after that, the second-gen technology was introduced in October 2019.

The third-generation under-screen camera technology has a full-pixel display and pixel-gap imaging, which Xiaomi claims can achieve a balance between perfect display and improved selfie performance.


The OLED panel is almost opaque and to achieve transparency, there’s a special pixel arrangement that has been adopted in the camera area under the screen. It allows the screen to pass light through the gap area of sub-pixels.

With this, each unit pixel retains a complete RGB sub-pixel display without sacrificing pixel density. It is claimed to offer double pixels in both horizontal and vertical directions, achieving the same pixel density and display accuracy as the normal display area, along with the same brightness, color accuracy, and color gamut.

Xiaomi has said that the third-generation under-display camera technology is ready to enter the mass-production stage next year. So, we can expect a smartphone from the company utilizing this technology by the end of 2021.