You can now post multiple photos on Instagram in a single post in landscape or portrait format

Back in February this year, Instagram rolled out an update which made it possible for its users to upload multiple photos and videos in a single post. However, all these photos/videos had to be uploaded in an aspect ratio of 1:1, i.e., in square format. But, the company has now announced that users are no longer restricted to uploading their photos/videos in this format.


Now, users can upload multiple photos/videos in a single post on Instagram in landscape or portrait format, which means that you won’t have to crop all of your photos in a square shape while uploading them all at once in a single post. Having said that, the maximum number of photos/videos you can add in a single post is still restricted to 10.

Moreover, while you can now upload multiple photos/videos in a single post in landscape or portrait format, you will have to stick to any one of them. What this means is that you either upload the photos/videos in landscape or in portrait. You can’t upload one photo in landscape, second in portrait and another in square format. Instagram says that this is done to “keep the experience smooth and consistent”.

Apart from this, Instagram has also announced that users can now edit the tagged people after a photo/video is posted. Besides, iOS users can save these posts as a draft if they don’t want to share them immediately.

These changes are rolled out as a part of update version 12 on both Android and iOS. However, this looks like a server-side change as we are already on this same version and haven’t got the feature yet.

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