YouTube for Android app might soon show you the number of people watching a video in real-time

Google is known to test different features in its products before it rolls them out publicly to all. Earlier this month, we told you that Google was testing video playback speed controls in its YouTube for Android app. Now, the company is testing yet another feature.


Well, the new feature that’s being tested by Google in its YouTube for Android app is the live watch count of a video. Yes, the company is showing the number of people watching a video in real-time. The live watch count appears below the the title of the YouTube video and above the Like/Dislike buttons.

Initially, Google used to show the total number of views that a YouTube video got, but, now, the company seems to move on to the live watch count. Also, this live watch count is currently only appearing to a select few users, which means Google activated this feature on the users’ device from their server. Well, as this is a server-side switch, you won’t be able to see the live watch count of a video on your YouTube for Android app even if you are enrolled in the Beta program.

As this feature is still under testing phase, we are not sure when will it be rolled out to all the users. Rather, if it will ever be rolled out publicly at all.

By the way, what do you think of this feature? Think it’s useful or totally unnecessary? Sound off in the comments down below.