YouTuber sits idle for hours, garnering over 1.8 million views

An Indonesian YouTuber named Muhammad Didit posted a video on the platform on 10th July where he just sits idle doing nothing for about two hours. The video is aptly titled ‘2 JAM nggak ngapa-ngapain’ which translates to ‘2 hours of doing nothing’.

Interestingly, even though he is doing nothing in the video, it has managed to generate 1.8 million views. Didit, currently has more than 27,000 followers on YouTube, says that he was inspired to make this video after his followers requested him to make content educating youth.

In the video description, he has written: “Maybe I should tell you a little about the reason behind this video. It all started with a lot of pressure from some elements of Indonesian society lately who asked me to create content that educates young people. Finally, with a little bit of heavy heart and compulsion, I made it – BOOM, But if you talk about the benefits of the video, it is up to you the viewers, who need to be clever and filter it out. I hope that you will like the video and will be entertained.”

This is such a bizarre thing to do, especially at a time when content creators are under pressure to come up with new ideas and concepts to ensure that their content remains engaging enough for the viewers.

The competition on YouTube for serious content creators is quite brutal. Since past some time, creators have started opening up about the burnt out feeling, which often comes from the pressure to constantly work on new videos for the viewers or fans.