Zoho is all set to launch its new messaging app ‘Arattai’

Zoho, the Indian software company, is set to launch its own messaging app named Arattai in India, Arattai means chit-chat in Tamil. Zoho Corporation is a multinational technology company specialized in software development and it is headquartered in Chennai.


Sridhar Vembu, CEO at Zoho Corporation, tweeted that “Our Arattai team asked me to not talk about our instant messaging app yet but since it is already being talked about, I guess I can talk too. This is a friends-and-family trial release. We will do a formal launch in a few weeks. We have a lot more in store. Stay tuned!”. This tells us that the Arattai app will soon go official in a few weeks.

The Zoho’s Arattai app was initially made available to just its own employees a few weeks back under beta and then it was released on the Google and Apple play stores last week for public downloads. Now the company is set to launch the app soon.

WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is among the most popular instant messaging platforms and it has recently updated the terms of service and privacy policy for its users. This lead to people switching to alternatives like Telegram and the newly launched Signal app. The new app by Zoho can be one of India’s alternatives to messaging apps like WhatsApp.