More than 500,000 Zoom account details being sold on the dark web

With the coronavirus pandemic, most companies have adopted the Work From Home routine and thus, it has resulted in a staggering growth in the usage of Zoom video conferencing platform. However, in the recent weeks, Zoom has been criticism because of privacy and security issues.


Now, as per the new report from cyber risk assessment experts at Cyble, a hacker is selling stolen Zoom credentials at dirt-cheap prices, and is also giving some of them away for free. Cyble claims that they have purchased more than 530,000 on an underground hacking forum for next to nothing, costing them around $0.0020 per account.

Several of the company’s clients were among the stolen credentials, which also included personal meeting URLs as well as Zoom host keys. The company also reached out and confirmed that the credentials were indeed valid.

These accounts are shared via text sharing sites where the threat actors are posting lists of email addresses and password combinations. Some accounts related to colleges such as the University of Vermont, University of Colorado, Dartmouth, Lafayette, University of Florida, and many more were released for free.

Usually, in this kind of attacks, the hackers utilise accounts exposed in past data breaches. So, it is a good idea to use unique password at every site, so that it will prevent your data breach from one site affecting you at another site.