ZTE vying to attain third spot in smartphone vendors ranks

With the smartphone markets exploding, manufacturers are working hard to get in the top three by expanding their markets. While Samsung and Apple seem to be currently dominating the scene, it is the newer players, like ZTE that quickly seem to be moving up the ladder.


While Strategy Analytics placed ZTE at the fourth place for the first time in the smartphone vendors ranks, the company is aiming to quickly move up the list and attain the third place soon. The company head of marketing department feels that the company can easily occupy third spot within 36 months.

While ZTE is currently banking on Google’s Android OS for its major devices, it also is one of the few early supporters of Mozilla’s new mobile OS – Firefox OS. The OS decided by ZTE is highly market dependent but the company is open to launching devices using other operating systems in the future.

Speaking about the company’s marketing strategy, Lu Qian Hao, head of handset marketing at ZTE said, “We will double our costs this year and the next to increase our branding, especially in China, Europe, America and Japan. We will introduce more and more flagship smartphones. If you can show your innovation through flagship smartphones, the customer will know who ZTE is.”