5 PUBG Mobile tips to find enemies quickly

It’s not just me, but there are many players out there who want to know where the enemies are hiding. While the players who have mastered the game knows where to look for the enemies in the game, but for those who have just started playing PUBG on mobile, these tips will help you to take them out.


1) At Watchtowers

One of the places that you may find enemies are the watchtowers. There are small and big towers in the game and you probably should look for the higher ones since the height of the towers is high enough to snipe from, you will find the players hiding there. If you can climb up to the tower, it’s the best place to snipe out enemies.



2) On The Roofs

Another popular place where most enemies hide is the roof of the buildings. Areas like Pochinki, School, Rozhok, Yasnaya Polyana and others with several buildings can be a nice hideout for enemies. If by any chance you are near the buildings or houses, look for the roofs at first place before entering them.


3) Behind The Windows

It is likely to happen than you are getting a hit and you can’t find enemies, either they are shooting from a far side of the town with 8X scopes or perhaps they are hiding inside the houses or buildings and shooting from the window. This happens especially when there are a few players left like 20 or something and the game is about to end.

Check the windows if anyone is hiding inside the building and shooting from the windows. If you can’t see them, open fire up in the sky to let them know you are here so the enemy can peek outside or simply throw a Grenade.

Throw a Grenade inside the windows or open fire to let them peek out.


4) Near the Vehicles

When playing in a team, some players drive through vehicles in a search for loot. You are likely going to find them in or near vehicles and not just one but more than that. Whenever you see a vehicle or car, try not get it nearby before you are sure it’s empty.


5) Behind The Trees and Rocks

Not just the buildings and windows, the trees and the rocks can also be a hideout for enemies. If someone is firing at you check the radar from where you are getting a hit, check behind the trees and rocks, they might be hiding there.

Take cover before you search for enemies and take a hit.

There might also be some players who are hiding on top mountain areas in the grasses or bushes. Make sure you check them out as well.


Some of you may know even more places, share them if you know them. We have more PUBG Mobile tips and tricks for you, here’s where you can find the best loot in the game.