Amazon releases lightweight Android web browser called ‘Internet’ in India

It isn't compatible with smartphones like OnePlus 5 though

Late last month, e-commerce giant Amazon launched its Kindle Lite app in India. Kindle Lite is a lightweight version of the Kindle app, and, it weights just 2 MB in size. However, that’s not the only ‘Lite’ app that Amazon launched in the country. There’s another app called ‘Internet’ that the company has released in India.


The ‘Internet’ is actually a web browser for Android. First spotted by TechCrunch, it is listed as “Internet: fast, lite, and private” on Google Play Store. While Amazon India hasn’t announced the launch of Internet in India yet, its Play Store listing says that it was first released last month on March 19.

That said, talking about its features, this Android web browser from Amazon weighs just 2 MB in size and is ideal for those who own smartphones that have low-end hardware or don’t have enough storage. Having said that, as this web browser is made specifically for India, it serves trending news on its homepage to the users that also includes news related to Cricket.

Furthermore, Internet also comes with private tabs so that you don’t have to worry about remembering to clear your browsing data after you are done watching some *ahem* educational videos *ahem*. Well that’s not it, Amazon says that this browser also “doesn’t ask for extra permissions or collect your private data like other browsers”.

At this moment, we are unsure of what other features does this lightweight web browser from Amazon comes packed with, because it was incompatible with some of our devices, even the likes of flagships like OnePlus 5. Hence, we assume that Amazon India is still developing and testing Internet. It also doesn’t have that many downloads. According to Play Store, Internet only has “100+” downloads.

Anyways though, we are sharing the download link below. See if you are able to download it on your smartphone. And if you are, do let us know what else does this lightweight web browser comes with apart from the features we mentioned above.

Download Link: ‘Internet: fast, lite, and private’ for Android