Apple iPad Mini 2 rumored to launch with Retina Display

The Apple iPad Mini was unveiled back in October and the 7.9-inch tablet is selling well in all the countries where it is available.


While everything about the tablet is impressive, one thing that did disappoint us all is the low resolution display of the iPad Mini.

But things might change with the iPad Mini 2 has rumour-king Digitimes is now reporting that Apple might be planning to bring in Retina Display on the next generation of iPad Mini.
Digitimes is quoting Taiwan-based backlighting industry sources who are not sure if Apple will be using the Retina Display or any technology to enhance the display on the iPad Mini but going by the past of the company, it is likely to be Retina Display only.
It was back in November when we had first heard about the next iPad Mini arriving with Retina display and it was being said that display manufacturers AUO had already started manufacturing them.
Along with this, the sources have also said that Apple will restructure the lighting of the next-generation 9.7-inch iPad from two LED light bars to one as it focuses on decreasing the device’s overall weight.
Going by the hit-and-miss record of Digitimes, we would advise all our readers to take this piece of news with a grain of salt.