Apple iWatch to get Siri access using third-party apps [Report]

Apple iWatch is running hot on the rumor mill. The company’s first wearable device is eagerly awaited and expected to offer something different than the wearables on the market. The Apple iWatch let you use Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, directly from the iWatch which in turn would be connected to the iPhone using third-party apps.


Apple is expanding its iWatch connectivity to third-party apps since input methods on the iWatch, like all smartwatches are limited. But Apple has definitely taken the right route boosting third-party app support which is necessary to sustain any smart device. Also, Siri is currently the best voice assistant around and using it via a smartwatch might be both amazing and useful. This would also entail improving Siri’s capabilities.

According to some sources, Apple is also optimizing different kinds of content for iWatch’s small display for e.g. a running app that will utilize the sensors on your iWatch to activate a running app as soon as you start running and stop the same way.

Apple’s iWatch has been rumored for long and with a new fad for fitness with device makers, the company is expected to come out with a fitness-equipped  iWatch by the end of this year.

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