Apple might unveil a Retina iPad Mini this year: Wall Street Journal

Apple’s retina screen is one feature that in spite of slowing still woos millions of consumers to its devices. This feature has made it to iPhones and iPads  alike, but conspicuously, Apple mid-range tablet, the iPad Mini has been left out of  the running so far.


But, with more and more tablets with great features pouring in with great features and better price tags than what Apple offers – Apple has to step up. And equipping the iPad Mini with a retina screen is a step that is long overdue. Apple is only marginally ahead in terms of hardware compared to manufacturers like Samsung and Sony and at par with Android now, in most software features. So, upgrading its mid-range tablet is the way to go.

According to ‘inside sources’, Apple has been working in tandem with LG, Sharp and Samsung to produce hi-res screens for the iPad Mini. Although its kind of underwhelming since there has been no news about the update of other features. Apple was reportedly not too keen on using screens from arch-rival Samsung but to update the tab on time, it decided to call on all three companies. It is also rumored that the Apple iPad Mini might ditch the standard white and black color range and opt for a more colorful palette this year.

It seems as though Apple is kind of falling back as regards the mobile devices market. The market has moved on too Quad-core processors, better RAM, better battery life and Android has been improving like anything with so many updates just in the past year. Apple meanwhile has been dormant and if it remains so, It faces the danger of fading into oblivion.