In a bid to compete with Android, Microsoft may offer Windows Phone and Windows RT platforms for free

While the Windows Phone market is expected to surpass the iOS market within three years, Microsoft seems to be taking steps to expedite the process and may offer the platform for free.


According to sources, Microsoft is planning separate versions of its mobile platforms i.e. the Windows Phone and the Windows RT, which would be offered to manufacturers without levying any charges. However to compensate for the licensing fees, the plan may or may not include ads and compulsory subscription to integrated services like SkyDrive, Office and Skype.

Reports suggest that the current licensing fees range somewhere within $20 to $30, due to which many manufacturers had second thoughts about Windows Phone. However with the free plans, Microsoft is obviously trying to compete with Android which is the current leader mainly due to its free and open source nature. While Nokia is already doing a good job with the Windows Phones, a few more manufacturers would definitely help Microsoft grow faster.