Prices slashed by up to 26% on some BlackBerry smartphones. Are you going to buy one, now?

Earlier it was PlayBook and now it’s BlackBerry Smartphone that will cost you less, RIM has decided to cut down the prices of some of its BlackBerry smartphones. RIM has slashed prices by up-to 26%. This move is a result of RIM’s new strategy which is more inclined towards the youth, evident by the recent ‘BlackBerry Boys’ ads.
RIM will surely see a rise in the sales, with this move. What will attract the users more towards buying BlackBerry smartphones is the the recently reduced BBM prices, which is also one of its move to woo the larger base of smartphone users.

Here are the Revised prices of BlackBerry smartphones
Curve 8520 – Rs. 8,999 (Earlier Rs. 10,990) Price cut: 18%
Curve 9360 – Rs. 18,990 (Earlier Rs. 19,990) Price Cut: 5%
Curve 9380 – Rs. 16,990 (Earlier Rs. 20,990 Price Cut: 19%
Torch 9860 – Rs. 21,990 (Earlier Rs. 29,990) Price cut: 26%

We approached RIM for comments and this is what RIM India Managing Director Sunil Dutt has to say on the price cut, “RIM as a brand has moved from just an enterprise device to as a more consumer device. Be it our services or the product, we have seen a strong uptake by the youth and therefore, to get the devices into more users, we are cutting the prices and this move will help us tap a wider base of the large market that India is.”