BlackBerry testing sponsored ads in BBM

We recently heard BlackBerry CEO, Jon Chen saying that BBM will be monetized and well, it seems BlackBerry is already on its way to bring sponsored ads in BBM.


In the Beta Zone version of BBM, BlackBerry has started testing sponsored channels and sponsored invitations in the invites section. The sponsored channels will show up in updates.

Along with these sponsored ads, there are other changes that have come across in the Beta Zone version of BBM. As we reported earlier, there are stickers now in the BBM Store and you can purchase stickers which aren’t free. The size of the attachments has been increased from 6MB to 16MB. You can control Group notifications, send pictures to multi-person chats and view images in both portrait and landscape.

We don’t know yet when these features will make it to BBM users as an update but we guess it will happen quite soon.