How to block sites from Google search on Chrome [PC/Mac]

Google Chrome allows you to choose the sites and blacklist them from your Google searches, all it needs is an extension. And if you are looking to block sites from Google search, there’s an easy way, here’s what you have to do.

If you are bothered by a website in the Google search result, it’s possible to remove it from the list to enhance your user experience. There’s a nifty Chrome extension that you can make use of, uBlacklist blocks sites you specify from appearing in Google search results.


How to block sites from Google search on Chrome [PC/Mac]


  • Now visit the site you want to block from the search results, for example,
  • Click on the block toolbar icon at the top right corner as shown. If you don’t see this icon, click on the extension’s icon and pin the uBlacklist.


  • Click on Block to blacklist the site.


That’s all you have to do. Now whenever you search Google, the site you have added to the uBlacklist will be blocked from the search results. You can add more than one site to the block list and exclude them from the Google search.

  • To unlock the site, repeat the steps and click on Unblock.


  • You can also block sites directly on search result pages by clicking the Block this site button as shown. 

Blocking rules can be specified either by match patterns (e.g. *://**) or by regular expressions (e.g. /example\.(net|org)/). You can sync rulesets between your devices by Google Drive or Dropbox and subscribe to public rulesets.



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