Buzz – Benefit From Location service launched by TELiBrahma

TELiBrahma, which is one of the major mobile advertising solutions company in India has today announced the launch of an innovative service called “Buzz – Benefit from location”.


The Buzz – Benefit From Location service goes on to specialize in reaching out to consumers based on their location and is a mobile based platform that delivers to consumers multiple engagements relevant to the location.


There are varieties of engagements which are available for users which include and are not limited to movie trailers, interviews and music videos and more. Not just that, users can also avail and location based content like reward programs, exclusive offers and deals from brands.
Buzz helps consumers to benefit from locations by delivering mobile content and services that are relevant to where they are. The network also supports a wide range of devices like iPhones, Androids and other diverse feature phones thus covering a large section of mobile users.
As it is a location based personalized content delivery service, Buzz not only helps the brands to target the right people but also cuts through the clutter by delivering the content based on the user’s personalization thereby maximizing the possibility of reaching to the right consumers.
So, if you happen to drop in at a place which has Buzz, then just connect to the Wi-Fi or Turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile device to experience superior messages from Buzz for free in the following ways:
  • Participate in contests at the location and get gratified
  • Engage with your favorite brands
  • Recommendations, menus, What’s new and more to make your shopping experience more delightful
  • Avail of best offers on products you can purchase through Buzz
  • Carry home the experience or share with your friends through social media
  • Be more informed about the location you are in through the alerts, real time updates
Buzz service is available over 1200 locations spread across Cafe Coffee Day, Crossword, Nirula’s, Spencer’s, Barista, Shoppers Stop and leading malls.