How to change seek time for double to tap to seek on YouTube [Android Guide]

Google added a very useful feature to the YouTube app recently. If you have updated your YouTube app, and if you double tap on the screen while playing a video, you will be able to move the video backward or forward. This is called the ‘double tap to seek’ feature. We actually like this addition to the app because now we don’t have to keep sliding the bar to move the video forward (or backward) in timeline.


To move the video backward on timeline, simply double tap on the left part of the screen. And, to move it forward, do it on the right part of the screen. While this is a useful feature, the downside is that you can only move the video forward or backward by 10 seconds. This can get annoying if the video you are watching is lengthy because you would then have to make multiple double-taps to skip certain parts of the video.

Well, if you want to be able to change seek time, it’s possible. While the official version of YouTube available on Play Store doesn’t let you change seek time, you can still increase or reduce the seek time. How? Read on.

How to change seek time for double to tap to seek on YouTube

Step 1: Make sure you are having the latest version of YouTube on your Android device. You can update the YouTube app from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Now open the YouTube app and tap on the ‘three-dot menu‘ button located at the top-right corner of the app screen, and then tap on ‘Settings‘.


Step 3: Under the Settings menu, tap on ‘General‘ and then tap on ‘Double tap to seek‘.


As you can see, the default seek time is 10 seconds, however, you can change it to your liking from the available options. You can change seek time from the default 10 seconds to 5, 15, 20, 30 or 60 seconds.


If you often watch smaller videos, 5 to 15 seconds of seek time would be ideal. However, if you watch lengthy videos, seek time of either 20, 30 or 60 seconds would be perfect. To change seek time, you can simply tap on any of the options and go back to the main screen.

Like we said earlier, you can not only just skip the video and move forward by double-tapping on the right side of the screen, but, you can move it back as well by double-tapping on the left side of the screen.

Now that you know how to change seek time of double tap to seek on YouTube, we hope that watching videos on YouTube and moving them across the timeline will now be a bit more easier for you.

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