Cheaper iPhone might arrive with US-made plastic chassis and a ‘see-through’ design: Rumor

It was an interesting turn of events last week when reports about a cheaper iPhone with polycarbonate body appeared online. And Apple was quick enough to respond to them and say that an inexpensive iPhone will ‘never be the future of Apple’.


But today, rumor king, DigiTimes is reporting that an entry-level iPhone will be out in the second half of 2013 with a plastic body.

According to the sources from the upstream supply chain for Apple, the iPhone in question’s will have a plastic chassis instead of the aluminum and glass which Apple has packed in the iPhone 5 and this plastic chassis will be built by a US-based electronic manufacturer.
This plastic chassis of the much-rumoured low cost iPhone might also arrive with a special design which will allow users to see the metal parts of the phone due to the chassis’ transparent or see-through nature. The components of the smartphone are still being validated.
For now, we would advise all our readers to not get the hopes high as the source has a major hit-and-miss record and take this news with a good amount of salt.