How to take photos in RAW format [OnePlus 7 Pro Guide]

Cameras on the flagship smartphones are powerful enough to snap RAW images. The OnePlus 7 Pro, being one of the fastest phones of 2019, packs triple cameras on the rear side with the main camera utilizing a 48 MP Sony IMX586 sensor. The camera is capable of taking RAW format images, but to click one, you need to enable a quick camera setting, here’s how.


But what’s with the RAW photos? RAW images can give you the maximum possible details achieved from the 48 MP camera. It takes the image data from the camera sensor and saves it in uncompressed format.

Note: RAW photos take higher storage space on the phone, can consume as much as 10 times the size the normal JPG captured.


Click Photos In RAW Format [OnePlus 7 Pro]

By default, the OnePlus 7 Pro captures images in Photo mode which doesn’t save the file in RAW format. To click photos in RAW format, change the mode to Pro, tap the small arrow facing upwards just below the zoom button.

Once you are in the Pro mode, you have a lot of options to change the camera settings, but we are just going to change a quick setting for the RAW photos.

  • Go to Camera -> Pro Mode

Tap the top JPG icon while in the Pro mode and tap RAW from the three options – JPG, JPG (48 MP), RAW. If you are in Pro mode and want to capture 48 MP shots, select the JPG (48 MP). As soon as you set it to RAW, your photos are going to save it in two files, one with a normal photo and another with the RAW file format.



There’s more you can do on the OnePlus 7 Pro, it also quickly opens the popup camera by double-pressing the power key, here’s how to enable it on your OnePlus 7 Pro. For more awesome guides, go to How-To Guides section.