Spotify Lite for Android is now officially available in India

Spotify, one of the leading music streaming service provider, has today launched the lighter version of its Android application — Spotify Lite. The app is designed for the users having smaller data plans and running the app on older smartphones.

The Spotify Lite app is just 10 MB in size, which is significantly smaller compared to over 100 MB size of the standard Spotify app. It also comes with a new feature that enables users to set a data limit and receive a notification when it’s reached.


To use this application, you need to be running Android version 4.3 or newer and is available to both free as well as premium users. As per the company, over 90% of the features of the main app are available on this Lite app.

A spokesperson of the company has confirmed that there are currently no plans to bring this Lite experience to iOS. This could mean that most of the users who would benefit from this stripped-down version of the application are using Android devices.

The Beta version of the Spotify Lite has been available since last year and now the company has launched the app in 36 countries, including India, which seems to be a key focus area for the company. The service was launched in India earlier this year in February.

Spotify is currently expanding its reach beyond the current user base and is focusing on the emerging markets. It claims to have 217 million users, of which 100 million are paying customers. For comparison, Apple Music passed 60 million users in June this year.