How to quickly open pop-up camera on OnePlus 7 Pro [Guide]

This is 2019 and smartphones are emerging with a new style of selfie cameras, we know them as the pop-up cameras. The OnePlus 7 Pro which is among the latest flagships comes with a selfie camera that pops out from the top. But to open it, accessing it from the homescreen isn’t the fastest way, did you know you can quickly open the camera on the OnePlus 7 Pro without unlocking it?


The OnePlus 7 Pro runs on the newest OxygenOS packed with features such as running dual apps, taking screenshots with three fingers, navigate with gestures, and more. This guide shows you how to open the camera quickly on the OnePlus 7 Pro so that you can take a selfie without unlocking the phone.

Quickly open pop-up camera on OnePlus 7 Pro

There’s a shortcut to the camera by pressing the Power button twice, enable it from the Button & gestures settings. Head to the Settings -> Buttons & gestures and turn on the slider ‘Quick turn on camera‘.

  • Settings -> Buttons & gestures -> Quick turn on camera


If the option is disabled, you need to turn off the Emergency information shortcut which is mapped as the power key by default. Head to the Settings, and hit the search bar on the top. Enter the ‘Emergency‘ keyword to search the option or go to Settings -> Security & lock screen -> Emergency rescue -> Emergency information select Disable.

Now double press the power key when the phone is locked, the camera will open in no time, then shift to selfie camera to take a selfie.



That was it, the OnePlus 7 Pro can do a lot of other things as well if you find them, share with us in the comments below. For more guides, do take a look at our How-To Guides.

Here’s our unboxing video of the OnePlus 7 Pro on IGTV below.