ColorOS 7 custom UI goes official in India with several new features

After much anticipation, Oppo finally launched the ColorOS 7 custom user interface for its smartphones, which is based on the latest Android 10 operating system. As promised, the company has today launched the same in India.

In terms of design, the company has increased the white space in the UI and has also toned down the saturation to reduce visual fatigue. It also brings out four different icon designs, including a couple of minimalistic options.


Further, the company has also introduced a new Oppo Sans font for the operating system and the company added that the Chinese characters of the font were developed by Zhu Zhiwei of Hanyi Fonts while the western characters were developed by the U.S. design company Pentagram.

The new ColorOS 7 also brings a system-wide dark mode which also covers third-party applications. It also comes with a bunch of new features, for instance, it gets a new Focus mode which is very similar to the Zen mode on OxygenOS.

It can now automatically switch to drive mode if the phone gets connected to the car Bluetooth. It can also send a sleep mode reminder at night, depending on your smartphone usage patterns, which activates DND and dark mode on the device.

It also comes with support for the cross-brand file transfer protocol that was established recently. As per the company’s claim, the ColorOS 7 has increased the app startup speed by 25% and system fluency and RAM utilisation have improved by 30% and 40% respectively.

ColorOS 7 will be rolled out across 20-plus smartphones including the Reno, Find, F, K, and A series models and the regions of China, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. Starting from November 26th, users will be able to experience the trial version.