ColorOS 7 update brings several improvements to gaming performance

Oppo recently launched ColorOS 7 custom Android skin and it seems that the company is dedicated to offer strong and smooth gameplay experience with this new update. The company has rolled out a new update that claims to reduce major issues like unresponsiveness, lagging and dropped frame rate.


Further, the company has also added intuitive features like Game Space and Game Assistant. The company has added that to deal with unresponsiveness and dropped frame rate, it will automatically detect heavy loading scenarios and allocate system resources in advance, ensuring smooth gameplay.

By doing this, OPPO claims an improvement of almost 38 percent in frame rates in its own testing. Another common issue is the touch responsiveness when gaming. ColorOS 7 increases its touch scan frequency by working on CPU scheduling & pre-rendering and more.

To assist users while gaming, the company has developed the Game Assistant which provides methods to respond to messages more easily without exiting your game or even block messages and notifications completely. The Game Space provides shortcuts to all your games and also gives you controls to view the battery status, network condition, and choose network modes.

To showcase these new software improvements, the Chinese firm held a livestream event, playing a multiplayer battle game while using many of the latest features including multi-tasking, no-disturb mode and screen recording.