Corning Gorilla Glass Victus announced with improved scratch and shatter resistance

Corning, the company known for making Gorilla Glass that protects smartphone displays, have today announced a new product — Corning Gorilla Glass Victus that is claimed to be much tougher, harder to scratch and break compared to previous models.


The company says that the new Gorilla Glass Victus has managed to achieve the drop performance of up to 2 meters when the glass is dropped to a hard surface during its lab testing. Aluminosilicate glass variants from other manufacturers typically fail when tested at heights less than 0.8 meters.

It has been claimed by the company that Victus is twice as scratch resistant as its predecessor Gorilla Glass 6, and can withstand drops from two meters onto hard as well as rough surfaces.

John Bayne, a senior vice president and general manager at Corning, said: “Instead of our historic approach of asking our technologists to focus on a single goal – making the glass better for either drop or scratch – we asked them to focus on improving both drop and scratch, and they delivered with Gorilla Glass Victus.”

Highlighting how important durability is for the customers, Corning says that Gorilla Glass is being used in more than eight billion devices by over 45 companies.

The company has also revealed that Samsung will be the first smartphone manufacturer to adopt this newly announced Gorilla Glass Victus, despite Apple having invested millions of dollars in the company. It is not yet known which smartphone from Samsung will feature this new durable glass solution.

It remains to be seen how the Victus performs in the real-wold situation given that despite the Gorilla Glass protection on many smartphones, the device easily shatters when the phone is dropped.