Design patents hint at how Nokia’s own tablet could look

We recently saw Nokia’s chief, Stephen Elop hint at a probable tablet offering from the Finnish giant but we still cannot assure you that there will be one.


But today we see a couple of design patents pop up, which were filed by Nokia back in 2011 which show us how the Nokia tablets could look, if they ever arrive.

If you remember, we also shared with you a promo video titled ‘Nokia Air’ wherein there was a tablet showcased which also hinted that a tablet was soon to arrive. But then things never worked out as Microsoft joined hands with Nokia and the company concentrated more on smartphones.


But as Windows 8 is about to be released on October 26th, Nokia might be working on its own tablet running on the latest Windows 8 OS. Going by the designs that Nokia filed patent for, the first one seems to carry a lot of similarity with that of the MeeGo running N9 which was carried onto the Nokia 800 and Nokia 900.


But the second one is a more traditional one and has curved back and edges as you can see in the image below. We do not know if a tablet will ever arrive with either of the design above, but it might not be too long before we see a tablet being offered by Nokia.
If Nokia offers a tablet in the future, would you opt in for one or will you rather prefer the iPad or the Galaxy Tabs?