How to disable or hide the notch on Honor 8X [Expert Guide]

The notch era has been around for some time and people have started ignoring it. Several Android phones have adopted a notched design, Honor’s midrange offering – the Honor 8X also has a notch on top of its display. Even though it’s smaller than many, but in the end, it’s still a notch and if it’s bugging you, disable it right away. Want to know how? Here a quick guide on how to hide the notch on Honor 8X.



Hide The Notch On Honor 8X

This guide isn’t just for Honor 8X, the trick also works for any notch based Honor phone (and HUAWEI phone) running EMUI. If you want to hide the notch on Honor 8X, follow these simple steps:

Launch Settings from the Homescreen or notification panel and enter Display. Once you are in the Display settings, you will find an option for Notch, tap it.

Here, you have two options, Default or Hide notch. Choosing the Default will keep the notch as it is and choosing the Hide notch will hide the notch.

  • Go to Settings -> Display -> Notch -> Hide notch to hide the notch.

How does it hide the notch? What it does is the notch area will be filled with black bars in the remaining space or darkens the notch area to look like there’s no notch on the phone.



You can also try other options on the Display settings, change the screen resolution, change the text size, Eye comfort (night mode) and more. Honor 8X also packs some great features and handy tricks, thanks to its EMUI customized Andriod. Check out these 17 tips, tricks, and hidden features of the Honor 8X. For more guides and tutorials related to smartphones and apps, head to our How-To Guides section.

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