Dropbox beta for Mac can now sync desktop, documents and downloads

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud file storage. However, the service has not been as appealing as iCloud to the users of Apple Mac because of its limited sync functionality. However, it seems that the company is now finally on the path to expand its functionality.


As per the report, the Dropbox Beta app for Mac can now support syncing desktop, documents and downloads folder along with the special folder. Till now, the sync feature of Dropbox was just limited to a special folder on macOS.

Once it is enabled, there will be a Mac folder in your dropbox containing all of your downloads folder. However, do note that this is for the Dropbox beta app, which is not easy to get hold of and the release of this feature to the official app is still pending.

The development comes just weeks after Dropbox revealed that it has reworked its core sync engine to make it easier to maintain and improve reliability.

Since the free version of Dropbox is limited to just 2 GB, the addition of this new feature can only be helpful if you are using one of the paid tiers. If you are a paid user of Dropbox, then this feature could come in handy as a seamless backup option.