DTH Provider Tata Sky Increases Lowest Recharge Value By 150%

One of India’s largest DTH service providers, Tata Sky has announced the hike of its existing minimum recharge amount. The minimum recharge amount for the Tata Sky increases by 150% i.e. from Rs 20 to Rs 50.

With this change, the Tata Sky will be equivalent to Airtel Digital TV and D2H, both of which have a minimum recharge value of Rs 50. On the other hand, DTH providers like Dish TV still offers a minimum recharge value of Rs 10.


For Tata Sky users, the minimum recharge value the user has to do to keep the service active was Rs 20 until now. Today, Tata Sky has hiked its minimum recharge value by 150%. The updated recharge price will be effective from 11th February 2020.

If a user attempts a recharge of Rs 20 or any value that is less than Rs 50, then they will be notified via a message that such recharges won’t proceed, further failure of the recharge. The user needs to recharge with a minimum of Rs 50 to continue the service.

Tata Sky said in a statement,

We are revising the minimum recharge amount on our platform from the current Rs. 20 to Rs. 50. Starting 11th Feb 2020 recharges below Rs. 50 wouldn’t be allowed/successful both on Tata Sky platforms as well as via 3rd party apps. In case any subscriber enters an amount less than Rs. 50 and tries to recharge, an appropriate message would be displayed to him on his screen. Recharge wouldn’t proceed in such cases.

For those who wish to recharge the lowest option i.e., Rs 20 for let’s say a day or two, they will have a hard time recharging due to the 150% increase in the recharge rate. For instance, a Tata Sky user who recharges a total of Rs 40 for two days will have to pay Rs 100 after 11th Feb 2020 for the same services for two days.

The good thing is the rest of the tariff remains the same, that means the other subscription plans are unchanged, the change is only for the minimum recharge amount. Users who have a monthly or yearly plan aren’t affected by this change.