How to enable one-handed keyboard on iOS 11 [Guide]

Typing with two hands is indeed faster, a lot of users are comfortable with two hands typing on iPhones. Apple iPhones are 4.7-inch as well as 5.5-inch in size, the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and most 5.5-inch devices doesn’t always seem to fit in one hand particularly for small-handed people or at least your thumb is not reachable at the edge. This is where one-handed keyboards are utilized in a good way.


When all you have is just one hand to type, one-handed keyboards are super handy. A cool feature Apple added in the new iOS 11 operating system is the one-handed keyboard which adds a convenient option to type with one hand.

How to enable one-handed keyboard on iOS 11

  • Launch any app and open keyboard for typing
  • Once you see the keyboard, tap and hold on the emoji icon located at the bottom.
  • Either select left-handed or right-handed keyboard icon.
  • The keyboard will be moved on the respective side depending on the side you choose.



To return to the normal keyboard, hit the arrow on the sides to get the keyboard back to its full size. In other ways, you can go back to the emoji, press and hold the icon and select the centered keyboard icon.

It appears to be that the 4.7-inch sized iPhones or less don’t always require a one-handed keyboard, you can type on the default keyboard normally.

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