How to enable peek and fire in PUBG Mobile [Gamer’s Guide]

One of the useful features of any shooter game that will help you stay alive in the game is Peek & Fire. PUBG Mobile has been among the top playing games on smartphones, players who play PUBG on desktop certainly knows how to use Peek & Fire, you may not know, PUBG on mobiles also support the same. In this guide, we’ll show you how to enable Peek & Fire mode.


Enabling the Peek & Fire mode in the game will keep you less visible as opposed to during open fire after you leave the cover. It simply means you are leaning from behind the cover which makes you less visible to the others.

Those who are new to the PUBG Mobile aren’t aware of this mode and keep playing the game without Peek Fire. By default, the Peek fire is disabled, you need to turn it on from the game settings.

Turn On Peek And Fire In PUBG Mobile

To enable Peek & Fire, go to Settings -> Basic and swipe to the bottom until you find Peek & Fire option.

Hit the Enable button to turn it on.

  • Game Settings -> Basic -> Peek & Fire.

The Peek & Fire mode also lets you toggle the controls, choose either Tap to lean or Hold to lean and open the scope once you lean.


Here’s where the Peek & Fire buttons are added on the screen, it’s just above the movements button. Take a look at the screenshot we took below.

Tapping on either side will lean your player towards, take cover and lean to shoot whilst giving other players as little area as possible to shoot at you.


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