How to quickly launch camera on Google Pixel 3 [Guide]

Most Android phones implement the quick camera shortcut which makes it more convenient for you to open the camera. Not only the phones with customized Android skins have the option to quickly launch the camera, but Google’s pure Android-based Pixel 3 also includes this shortcut. The Pixel 3 is the Google’s top-of-the-line smartphone featuring pure Android 9.0 Pie, an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC, and a notched display.


Either you are bored with the same old camera app shortcut on the Homescreen or you are simply accessing from the lock screen, this quick shortcut will allow you to open the camera in no time. All you have to do is press the Power key twice and the camera will show up.

It saves your time and also saves you from unlocking the phone every time just to open up the camera. Your Google Pixel 3 (Pixel 3 XL as well) can quickly open the camera with a simple double-press on the power button.

Launch Camera Quickly on Google Pixel 3

To enable this shortcut, on your Google Pixel 3, go to Settings and enter System. Under that, go to Gestures and enter Jump to camera. Turn on the slider on the side to enable the shortcut.

  • Go to Settings -> System -> Gestures -> Jump to camera and turn it on.

This will enable the quick launch camera shortcut. Now press the camera button twice to quickly open the camera. It works from any screen.



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