Top 9 Google Pixel 3 tips, tricks, and hidden features for you to try out

Google’s new Pixel range of smartphones are impressive and it comes with the latest and greatest Android 9 Pie out-of-the-box. Here you will find some handy tips and tricks for your Google Pixel 3 to help you take the Pixel experience to the next level. Take a look at the Google Pixel 3 tips and tricks and hidden features right below.


1) Gesture Navigation

The Google Pixel 3 comes with a whole new navigation system, thanks to the Android 9 Pie. The new gesture-based navigation is fast and easy, you will see a small on-screen home button along with a back button.

Tapping it will take you to the homescreen, swiping right will open last used app, swiping up short will open recent apps, and swiping up long will open the App drawer.

How Gesture Navigation works

  • Tap Once: Takes you to the Homescreen.
  • Short Swipe (Upwards): Opens up recent apps menu
  • Long Swipe (Upwards): Opens up the app drawer.
  • Short Swipe (Right Side): Switches to last used app
  • Long Swipe (Sidewards): Allows you to move the recent apps and switch to it.



2) Squeeze For Assistant

Want to call Assistant from any screen without a voice? Try to squeeze your Pixel 3 until you hear a slight vibration, the Google Assistant will be triggered. This is called the Active Edge feature, it was present from the last year’s Pixel 2. While holding the Pixel 3, squeeze it to call the Google Assistant no matter on which screen you are, it works even if the phone is locked.



3) 24/7 Call Support

I wasn’t aware of this thing until I stumbled upon inside the settings. Google offers a dedicated call support for the Pixel 3 (as well as the Pixel 3 XL), go to the Settings -> Tips & support and under Contact us tab right at the bottom, tap the Phone icon. From here, you can request callback on your phone number by providing the details, see the screenshot attached below.


4) Launch Camera With Power Button

Stop having the fuss of unlocking the phone, access the homescreen, and launching the camera. Your Pixel 3 can quickly open the camera with a simple double-press on the power button. So, whenever you want to take a picture, forget the odds, press the power button twice quickly on any screen even when locked.



5) Flip Front & Back Camera With Double Twist

If you want to switch the front and the back camera, quickly double-turn the wrist while holding the Pixel 3 in the camera mode. This is one of the cool features available on the Pixel 3, it switches between the two cameras without having the trouble to tap the on-screen button.

Turn on this feature under the Settings -> System -> Gestures > Flip Camera.



6) Switch Cameras With Double Tap

Another way to switch the cameras is by double tapping on the screen. Switch to selfie camera by double tapping on the screen when in the camera app. This will quickly switch from selfie camera to rear camera and the other way around.

Enter the Camera Settings -> Gestures -> Double-tap action and select Switch Camera option.



7) Flip To Shhh

If you are getting calls, SMS, and notifications while you are in a meeting or a gathering, you can mute the phone with Flip To Shhh feature. All you need to do is flip the Pixel 3facing it down on a desk or table and it activates the Do Not Disturb mode.

Turn on the Flip to Shhh in the Settings > Digital Wellbeing.


8) Use Volume Keys In Camera For Different Actions

When using the camera, the volume keys play an important role such as capturing the photos, shooting the videos or zooming in and out. You can choose from these different actions, head to the Settings -> Gestures -> Volume key action and select the desired option.



9) Night Light

Keeping away the Blue light from the screen means it doesn’t harm your eyes during the night, your Pixel 3 can filter Blue light once you’ve enabled the Night Light feature. Go to the Settings -> Display -> Night Light and turn it on.

Once you enable it, the Pixel 3 keeps it automatic and turns on during the night according to your time zone, however, the Night Light can be manually turned on if needed or can be scheduled for a specific time.

That was it, do let us know more Pixel 3 tips and tricks if you know it. Mention them in the comments section below.