End of Galaxy Note7 as Samsung permanently discontinues the flagship

Bringing an end to almost three months of turmoil and nearly $17 billion of the company’s market cap, Samsung has now apparently decided to discontinue the 2016 flagship Samsung Galaxy Note7.


Samsung has announced that it is closing down production of the flagship Samsung Galaxy Note7 and permanently discontinuing it worldwide. The decision comes in wake of the recent reports of explosion from the replacement units of the Galaxy Note7. The company is still trying to explain how a reputed manufacturing brand missed a critical product flaw twice.

The discontinuation marks an end to the rather short yet explosive (quite literally) journey of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 which was announced in August with very high expectations. Things went south when as many as 35 cases of exploding units were registered, forcing Samsung to issue an official recall of the handset.


While the company with an intention to make a comeback, offered replacement units with the green battery icon, explosions were once again reported within a few days. Earlier today Samsung officially issued a press release requesting Galaxy Note7 users to stop using the handset.