Facebook releases COVID-19 symptom map in USA; plans to roll out in other regions

After Google and Apple, Facebook has also joined them in a list of companies launching online tool or platform related to COVID-19. The social media giant has partnered with researchers at Carnegie Mellon University to release coronavirus related symptom map of counties in the United States.


Facebook is aggregating symptom data from opt-in surveys that are conducted in partnership with the researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. This is different approach compared to the one taken by Apple and Google which users data collected from users’ Maps application.

As for the Facebook, keeping its privacy-related issues in mind, the company said that the data collection will be conducted in a private manner where only the researchers will have access to individual data. It also adds that Facebook will only receive aggregated data to update its maps.

Currently, the symptom map is currently only available in a county-by-county basis for the USA. However, the company says that it plans to expand this all the countries where it is operating. However, it remains to be seen how accurate the data is, given that the company is relying on opt-in surveys.

You can check out the COVID-19 symptom map by Facebook by clicking here.