Facebook is working on its own operating system for hardware products

Facebook, the social media giant, has expanded its business and entered the hardware space with products like Oculus and Portal. Now, it seems that the company is developing its own operating system that will run Facebook’s hardware products.


As per the reports, Facebook is working on its own operating system (OS) to power augmented reality glasses. This will enable the company to reduce its dependence on Google’s Android operating system.

A custom operating system, which the company is making from scratch, will also enable Facebook to tailor the software as per the requirements, as well as optimise features such as social networking or enhanced privacy.

Facebook in recent years has worked to diversify beyond its original social network, acquiring other platform such as Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014. It is also expanding its business with new services in the field of entertainment and payments.

As for the hardware products, in 2014, the company acquired Oculus, maker of virtual reality headgear. It recently released second-generation Portal smart screens, touting them as a way to stay connected to loved ones via its social network.

Facebook’s Portal, which competes with products like Amazon Echo Show and Google Nest smart screens, is capable of synching with Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp.