How to find a secret game hidden inside Chrome [Android Guide]

If you surf the Google Chrome browser on Android a lot then you probably know about this secret game hidden in Chrome. What if you don’t? Want to find out a secret game hidden inside Chrome? Well, there’s a secret Dinosaur game which you can play when you aren’t connected to the internet. This game is also seen on the desktop version of Chrome.


Here’s how to find a secret game hidden in Chrome [Android Guide]

Play the secret Dinosaur game on your Android phone or tablet when you aren’t connected to the internet.

Chrome will show you a screen like this shown below when you are out of the internet or you turned airplane mode. So, whenever you see this screen with a message saying you are offline, this is where you can start playing the secret game hidden in Chrome.


Just hit the Dinosaur on the screen once and it should be activated. Now to play the game by tapping the screen so that the dinosaur can jump from the obstacles coming on its way. Enjoy the gameplay.


This is one of the best ways to spend time on your Android device when your internet is not working or it’s in airplane mode.

We already showed you the hidden game inside your Android Lollipop device. If you are just bored with the secret game on Chrome browser, you can always switch to the next game hidden on your phone.

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Apart from these, if you know any other hidden games on your Android device, do share with us in the comments. For more guides like this, visit our How-To Guides section.