First device featuring Snapdragon 805 coming in May: Qualcomm

Qualcomm recently unveiled their latest and greatest chipset, Snapdragon 805 and we were hoping to know as to when the devices featuring the powerful chipset will make their way to the market and now we have more details about it as Qualcomm has revealed that devices featuring the Snapdragon 805 will arrive in May.


Snapdragon 805 features brand new  four Krait 450 cores and a brand new Adreno 420 GPU capable of encoding and decoding 4K video in real time and much more so we are pretty excited to get hands on with devices featuring the mighty processor.

Will the devices featuring the Snapdragon 805 be a tablet or a smartphone? Well our guess is as good as yours but be sure we’ll let you know as we get to know more of the first device featuring the Snapdragon 805. The rumored Oppo Find 7 might be the one or even the HTC M8/One+/Two but those are just rumors as of now.