Samsung Galaxy S5 beats the Galaxy S4’s record launch day sales [Report]

The Samsung Galaxy S5 went on sale globally last week and quite expectedly, it has broken launch day sales records of its predecessor.

The report comes from Korea, where the new Samsung flagship has managed to break launch day sales records of the Galaxy S5. According to the report, the device has managed to best the Galaxy S4’s launch day sales by over 30%.


Samsung has also announced that in some of the European countries, the new flagship has managed to sell more than double of what Galaxy S4 managed on its launch. The Galaxy S5 has been launched in 125 countries worldwide, so huge launch day sales numbers have been expected. The report also suggests that the Galaxy S5 sales would have been much higher had the stocks been higher.

While, some Samsung stores in some countries saw people lining up for the device, there were places where there wasn’t as much excitement. Reportedly, the number of pre-orders have been strong, resulting in record sales.

It’ll be interesting to see how well the device does in the long run, considering it’s the first Samsung flagship to not a bring a big update to the display from its predecessor. Although the design of the device leaves a lot to be desired, there are quite a few real goodies the device brings like the battery life, brilliant camera, the fingerprint scanner and more.

No matter what we say, the Galaxy S5 will still sell in millions. Anyways, if you’re planning to get a Galaxy S5 yourself, you should definitely check out our hands on views of the device and stay tuned as our detailed review is on the way.