Globally smart phone users spend 20% of their internet time on mobile: Mobango

Mobango had recently conducted a survey amongst its registered users to find out and understand the mobile internet user engagement which was targeted mainly in 4 countries which included India, UK, US and Italy.


The results show us that globally smartphone users spend 20% of their internet time on mobile.

The results have been derived from at least 800 respondents whom Mobango has distributed among the above mentioned countries proportionately.
Mobango has released an infographic which focuses on the following information:
  • Consumption frequency of mobile internet
  • Gender-wise mobile internet and app consumption
  • Device (such as mobile vs. tablets/e-readers) for mobile internet and app usage
  • Frequency of apps downloaded and consumed
  • App users views on advertising and mobile downloads

And the results of the survey point out that:
  • 75% of the respondents used smartphones
  • Globally Wi-Fi is the preferred choice to access Internet
  • Women in Western countries spend more time on mobile internet which comes to around 55% while men contribute to only 42%
  • Indians prefer to spend more time on mobile internet than in Western countries
  • On an average, smartphone users have 50% more apps compared to those using a feature phone and more

You can find more interesting findings from the survey in the infographic below.