You can now send voice messages using Google Assistant

Google’s virtual assistant platform — Google Assistant has received support for a new feature. The company has announced through a blog post that it has added functionality of sending voice messages to contacts.

With this new feature, users will now be able to use Google Assistant to record and send an audio message to anyone in the user’s contact list. It will come in handy when the user doesn’t want to type in the message and can now instead dictate it.


Google claims that voice messaging is the modern-day walkie-talkie and is touting the feature as the easiest way to send a quick note to friends and family. The feature will be available in English-speaking countries across the world, and Portuguese in Brazil.

To use this feature, the user just needs to give a voice command like “Hey Google, send an audio message.” The Assistant will then ask to whom you want to send the voice note and what the message is.

Alternatively, the same feature can also be triggered by commanding “Hey Google, send an audio message to John saying I’ll be there in 15 minutes.” It will then send that audio message to John.

Every time you trigger this function, the  Assistant will ask whether to send it over WhatsApp or RCS/Messages. There’s also a way to directly send a voice message through WhatsApp using the command “send an audio message on WhatsApp.” Google says when a user sends an audio message using Assistant, it will also send a transcription of the message.