OnePlus Scout feature introduced for OnePlus Users in India

A new OnePlus launcher feature named OnePlus Scout has started rolling out for the Indian users. This feature is part of the latest v4.7.2_200818175549 beta update and it’ll be made available to all the Indian users in the upcoming weeks.

What is OnePlus Scout?

OnePlus Scout is a universal search feature that allows it’s users to search for anything in their device straight from the App Drawer. This includes your local files, contacts, documents, music, and apps.

Thanks to this, OxygenOS users can now save time and search for everything in one place. Along with the local files, OnePlus Scout also allows you to search within your apps which means that you can also lookup for places, movies, restaurants nearby services, and much more. Every operation listed above can be done with a voice search too as it allows users to make use of their microphone.


Earlier an APK Teardown for OnePlus Launcher v4.5.2 revealed that OnePlus Scout had the ability to search within your text messages, however, OnePlus has removed it in the final rollout. OnePlus Scout can be helpful to users who have a lot of files on their smartphone and keep forgetting where they have stored their important documents.

OnePlus Scout Availability / Download

As of now, the OnePlus Scout remains an India exclusive feature, which the Indian users will start getting in the upcoming weeks. There are no details on the global rollout yet. We will keep you posted as when more details about the OnePlus Scout Global Availability comes in.

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