Google will soon let you auto delete location history data

Google has announced that the company will soon enable its users to automatically delete location data and web history which the company saved while using Google services.

With this offering, users of Google will be able to choose to have their location data and web history deleted after a three-month or 18-month period. This is aimed at giving users more control over their information.


For the company, the addition of this new feature may also help by stopping some users from opting to block out Google’s data collection altogether. Till now, users only had the option to either keep tracking on or off. However, the addition of this feature will provide a middle-ground of some short.

The user data collected by the company is used to target advertisements, which is one of the major revenue source for the Mountain View-based internet giant.

The company has said that the feature is rolling out over the coming weeks, so it may take some time before it is available for everyone. To check if the feature is available for you, head over to the your Google account Activity Controls page.

How to enable auto-delete data on Google?

  • Log-in to your Google account and head over to Activity Controls page
  • Go to the Web & App Activity
  • Then head over to the Location History section
  • Select the “Delete in the future” option in the automatic deletion option

Similar to this feature from Google, Facebook has also promised to offer a feature to delete some of the data it collects from users. However, the social media giant says that it is still working on the feature and plans to introduce it later this year.