Google Go lightweight search app is now available for regular Android users worldwide

A couple of years ago, Google had launched the Google Go search app for the Android Go entry-level smartphone users. The application brings the power of Google in a tiny app package of around 7 MB.

Now, the company has announced that the Google Go application will be available worldwide to all the users of Android, even the regular one. Previously, the app was only available for Android Go device or in specific countries.


You can now get access to this lighter version of the app regardless of your device or region. To download, just click here to go to the application’s page on the Google Play Store.

Even though the application is pretty small in size, it is quite powerful. It contains many of the features and tools present in the regular Google app, including Search, Lens, Translate, and more. The company has simplified and optimized each feature to such an extent that everything is faster and requires less wireless data to function.

Notably, you’ll still need to be running Android 5.0 Lollipop or later version of the mobile operating system. So those of you with really old phones will need to stick to the main Google app and cannot take advantage of this lighter version.

This lightweight search app from Google is a part of many Go-branded apps that Google launched, which are aimed at emerging markets. The list of such apps includes Gmail Go, Gallery Go, Android Go, among others.