Google announces Nest Hub Max smart display for $229

At the Google I/O 2019 annual developers conference, Google announced that it is folding Home brand of products into Nest. The first device to get announced under this new branding is Google Nest Hub Max smart display.


The Nest Hub Max is a larger and more capable version of the Google Home Hub which was launched last year. The newer version comes with a 10-inch HD display, which the company says is more suitable for shared spaces like living room and kitchen.

Just like its predecessor, this one can also play videos and show off Photos collection, but now in a larger form factor. It also has light sensors so the screen’s brightness and warmth will automatically adjust according to its surroundings.

Unlike the Home Hub launched last year, this one comes with a 6.5 MP camera. Similar to a Nest Cam, it can be used as a security cam. It can also notify users if it detects motion, or if it doesn’t recognize someone. You can also use it to make video calls through Google Duo.

It also comes with support for quick gestures. So, instead of just using your voice to control the video or music, you can just look at it and raise your hand. With Face Match, it can recognition individuals and show personalized information such as daily appointments.

The Google Nest Hub Max will be available for purchase from this summer at a price of $229. Also, the company has announced that last year’s Google Home Hub is now renamed to Google Nest Hub. The pricing for Google Home is now $99 and the Google Home Max is now $299.