Google Project Tango announced: 200 phones with 3D room scanners expected for developers

It is no secret that Google is trying to spurn innovation at amazing levels and has always got new and interesting technology under its aeiges. Well, the experimental Google Developer group called the Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Products) has come out with a new project called the Google Project Tango, which aims to create phones that will scan a room and its layout with 3D sensors.



Johnny Chung Lee, ATAP’s Technical Program lead, who will also be heading this project, stated, “We have created a prototype phone containing heavily customized hardware and software that’s designed to allow the phone to track its motion in full 3D in real-time, as you hold it.”

The Google Project Tango will be first listed as a limited project that will involve distributing 200 phones embedded with 3D sensors to developers. Developers will be chosen by the Google ATAP team and if you are one, you can sign up for the project today.






ATAP used to be a part of Motorola which Google has retained with itself in the Lenovo-Motorola deal. The sensors will be embedded in the phone beside the Gyroscope and the accelerometer. The project is expected to be on the rails in coming years, but this one might take more time than expected, just like the current project – Google Glass, which we are still waiting for a commercial release.