Google rolls out newly updated privacy tools for Assistant, Maps, and YouTube

Google has announced new privacy tools for some of its most-used products, which includes Google Maps, YouTube and Google Assistant. With the new tools, the company is aiming to allow users to control, manage and erase the data that Google collects.

With the introduction of the new privacy tools, users of Google Maps can now use an incognito mode option, which works similar to the one available in the Chrome browser as well as in YouTube. This will enable you to stop the company from tacking usage of Maps as well as search for particular places.


For YouTube, Google is launching the ability to auto-delete your YouTube History. You can now set a particular time period that you want to keep your YouTube History available, like three or 18 months. After the set period, the history will be deleted automatically. There’s also an option that allows you to manually delete the history.

In Assistant, the company will soon roll out a new feature that will enable users to delete Assistant activity just with voice commands. Currently, users can ask “Hey Google, how do you keep my data safe?” for more information, which we don’t think is something that many users use.

users can also ask Assistant to delete the last thing said as well as data up to one week. For deleting data of more than a week, Assistant will direct users to the account settings page, where it can be easily deleted. It has a few steps but it puts the settings in closer reach.

Apart from privacy, the company has also announced a new security-related feature. Google will soon be introducing password manager feature called Password Checkup that will tell you if any of your passwords are weak, whether you’ve reused them across multiple sites or if Google has discovered they’ve been compromised. You can check it out here.