HMD Global launches global data roaming service called HMD Connect

HMD Global, the Finnish company behind Nokia-branded smartphones, is now trying its hands in the services business as well. In partnership with Greenwave Systems and local operators, the company has launched a new service named HMD Connect that offers global data roaming and SIM cards.


The HMD Connect service aims to provide global data roaming service in over 120 countries at launch with a starting price of 9.95€, which is approximately ₹801. While the cost is same for all countries, the benefits vary from zone to zone.

The company has split the service in three zones, where users in Zone 1, 2 and 3 will get 1 GB, 500 MB, and 250 MB of data respectively. You can check out the complete list of countries and zones from this official webpage.

The service is currently in Beta mode and is available through, The company says that it is designed to give a hassle-free, secure and affordable roaming service across the world. Once activated, the plan will be valid for 14 days.