Honor Smart Screen TV products will be announced at HDC 2019 next month

Honor recently announced a new product category — Honor Smart Screen, which is basically a Smart TV product. However, the company claims that it will be a revolutionary product and much smarter and connected than traditional TVs.


Soon after announcing this new product category, we were expecting the company to shed more light on this new category of the product but that didn’t happen. However, we’ll soon get to what these products are and how they are different from others.

Honor has now officially confirmed that the Honor Smart Screen products will be revealed at the Huawei Developer Conference which is being held next month, from 9th August to 11th August.

The poster shared by the company on Weibo announcing this event reads: “When mobile phones are no longer mobile phones, computers are no longer computers, what would a smart product look like if it was raised to the Nth power?”.

The company is also going to showcase its new HongMeng OS at the HDC next month. It remains to be seen if Honor opts for the same OS to power its upcoming new products or something else. Since Huawei confirmed that HongMeng OS is not for smartphones, it will be interesting to see how it is received and where it gets used.